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Updated: Mar 12

PLEASE HEAR ME OUT — Our youth face challenges everyday that older generations never had to face. 1.9 million children aged 3 to 17 have a diagnosis of depression (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). That breaks my dad heart. What’s worse is, that’s just those who have been diagnosed. Just imagine how many kids that battle depression everyday and have never talked to anyone about it?!?

Many parents have no idea how much their kids are struggling because kids hide their pain so well. Smiles are deceiving. The positive mental health of students is crucial and needed more than ever before. Kids considering giving up on this life is happening at alarming numbers.

I am going to begin to be more strategic in making my social media platform a place for parents, teachers and schools to learn how to help our youth. We have also begun putting resources on our website,

I am grateful beyond words for Forbes and LA Weekly recently featuring our school assembly that is impacting the lives of our young people.

* Need someone to talk to? Text or call #988

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