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Updated: Mar 12

Tom Coverly was featured in LA WEEKLY as a TOP 10 influencer making impact in 2023. Our Destroy Illusions School Assembly Tour was discussed as well. What an honor to be featured.


In a world that often seems driven by negativity, it is essential to find ways to spread kindness and hope. One Goal Productions, founded by professional comedy magician Tom Coverly, aims to do just that. Through their use of arts and entertainment, including comedy, magic, and music, One Goal Productions, also known as The Illusionist, seeks to share a message of hope and make kindness the norm. With a particular focus on bullying and suicide prevention, this nonprofit organization has touched the lives of millions of students across America.

Tom Coverly, known as ‘The Illusionist,’ believes that kindness can triumph over all challenges. His nonprofit organization, One Goal Productions, utilizes his skills as a professional comedian, motivational speaker, and magician to inspire and motivate people of all ages. Coverly’s engaging social media platforms, including @TomCoverlyTour, provide a platform for spreading positivity and sharing personal stories of hope.

One of the most impactful initiatives by One Goal Productions is their school assembly, “Destroy Illusions.” This assembly has reached nearly five million students over the past two decades. Through this powerful program, Coverly addresses important issues such as bullying, suicide prevention, and mental health. The assembly has had a profound impact on countless lives, as it provides a safe space for students to open up about their struggles and find hope for the future.

Coverly recalls a life-changing moment when a high school girl approached him in tears. She revealed that she had written a suicide note the night before and had come to school solely to say goodbye to her friends. However, she had no idea that an assembly speaker would be addressing the very issues she was battling. The assembly gave her a newfound perspective on life, and she chose to continue living. Her mother, moved by her daughter’s transformation, thanked Coverly profusely, holding the suicide note that now served as a reminder of the power of hope and kindness.

One Goal Productions has become a driving force in spreading kindness and compassion. Through their website and social media platforms (@TomCoverlyTour), the organization connects with a diverse audience, including parents, school administrators, teachers, and event planners. By sharing stories of resilience and promoting acts of kindness, One Goal Productions inspires others to join their mission in making kindness the norm.

In a world that often emphasizes negativity, One Goal Productions and The Illusionist stand as beacons of hope. Through their use of comedy, magic, and music, they bring messages of kindness and resilience to millions of people across the nation. Tom Coverly’s personal encounters and the success of the “Destroy Illusions” assembly demonstrate the profound impact their work has had on individuals struggling with bullying, mental health, and thoughts of suicide. With their continued efforts, One Goal Productions is creating a movement that aims to make kindness prevail in our society. As they believe, “Kindness wins every time.”

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