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In addition to bringing Tom in to speak to students, many schools will host Tom's

LIVE ON STAGE comedy & Illusion show the same evening as the school assemblies. 

This is an all-ages show (up to 60 minutes) that entertains and unifies the

community, home and school for a good clean fun night of laughter,

audience participation and mind-blowing illusions.  This show can be set up in a

gym or school auditorium.  

* LIMITED TIME FREE SHOW OFFER  Book at least one school assemblies and Tom will will waive the fee completely (Value $3500) for the FAMILY NIGHT COMEDY & ILLUSION SHOW at your school. That's right, completely FREE!!  To take advantage of this deal, the evening show must be the same day as the assemblies.



More and more schools, businesses, police agencies, etc across America are focusing on the mental health of their employees.  The mental health of adults is just as important as the students Tom speaks too.  Bring Tom in during a teacher in service, or an after school meeting or whenever it fits best.  This one hour session will feature Tom Coverly performing a couple magic tricks and then the remainder of the time is Tom focusing a motivational talk focused on mental health & becoming the best employee. This is a powerful time to refocus and renew minds resulting in bring back the joy of the job.

* RATE:  $2500 + $75 per employee attendee.  The rate includes; one hour session + all travel (airfare, rental car, hotel).  NOTE:  If you book Tom for at least one assembly, we will waive the $2500 fee for the workshop & you just pay the per employee fee of $75 per person as long as the worksop is booked the same day/evening as the assembly or the day before/after an assembly date.


Schools, parent committees, PTO, PTA's are always looking to bring in top notch fun entertainment to senior all nighter events.  Tom has performed for hundreds of all nighter these events for schools all across America.  Bring Tom's comedy & illusion LIVE ON STAGE show into some part of the all nighter evening.  Especially if students have seen Tom's assembly early on in the school year, they will love the fact that you brought him back for a fun night of comedy and illusions.  

The stage show is a simple set-up and can be done on a gym floor, bleachers, classroom or auditorium.  Tom is also available to perform close-up illusions as your students wander around the activity center doing other activities (inflatables, swim, gym, dance, photo booths,

watching movies or whatever else you have planned for your all-nighter).


RATE = $3,500 (All rates include travel within CONUSA).


* Includes up to a 60 minute comedy & illusion stage show OR 60 minutes of roam

around close-up magic.  You choose. 


Host Tom's LIVE ON STAGE comedy & Illusion show to raise money for your school,

sports program, music program or other school related organization.  We have had

groups raise thousands of dollars having ticketed events for a show night or a dinner

and show night.  You set your own ticket prices. Many schools get local businesses to

sponsor and pay Tom's rate and then the school is able to keep 100% of the ticket


RATE = $3500 (includes a 60 minute comedy & illusion show (All rates include 

all travel within CONUSA; airfare, rental car, baggage fees, fuel, parking and

tolls).  All we ask is for hotel/meals to be provided.  This offer is limited to

5 schools per year.


We have many schools that book Tom to speak and then utilize our list of other amazing speakers for other years and then bring Tom back after those students graduate. We only recommend super high quality speakers.  Ask us for details to who they are. 

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