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Breaking Illusions: Tom Coverly Unveils Truths at TEDx

Updated: Mar 12

Motivational Entertainer, Tom Coverly is an official TEDx speaker. A 7 minute talk that every parent, teenager & school should watch. Join hundreds of middle and high schools that are showing Coverly's TEDx studio talk in school classrooms across America.

Tom Coverly: Breaking Illusions at TEDx with his talk titled -- The Real YOU: Better than a BULLIES illusion of YOU.

Addressing Mental Health in Schools

One of the key pillars of Tom Coverly's nonprofit, One Goal Productions is its commitment to reaching out to young minds in schools. Tom Coverly recognized the urgency of addressing mental health and bullying prevention at an early age. Through captivating presentations and interactive sessions, Tom Coverly engages students in honest conversations, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding. The goal is not just to educate but to inspire the next generation to be advocates for mental health.

Supporting Teachers and Law Enforcement

Understanding that mental health is not confined to a specific age group, One Goal Productions extends its reach to teachers and law enforcement officers. By addressing the unique challenges faced by these professionals, Tom Coverly provides support and valuable insights on maintaining mental well-being.

Corporate Events: Becoming Better Human Beings

In addition to educational institutions and public service sectors, One Goal Productions actively participates in corporate events. Tom Coverly engages with employees and leaders, emphasizing the importance of mental health both in the workplace and at home. By promoting a culture of compassion and understanding, the organization aims to contribute to a positive work environment and, by extension, a healthier society.

One Goal Productions measures success not just by the number of presentations given but by the lasting impact on individuals and communities. Through partnerships, collaborations, and an ever-expanding network, the organization strives to create a ripple effect of positive change.

Tom Coverly on TEDx Stage in St George Utah
Tom Coverly Breaks Illusions at TEDX

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