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Statistics prove that you will rub shoulders with someone who feels this way today. Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide. Depression is very REAL. Many people do not realize that just over a decade I attempted to give up on the gift of life twice. By a complete miracle, my life was spared. I should not be here today. I have not shared my story publicly in detail before, but this is one of the many reasons that have driven my passion to keep speaking in middle & high schools and colleges with a message of hope. This is not just a message for students, but adults too. Recently a pastor and author @jarridwilson ( loss his battle with depression. Do not assume a smile on someones face, laughter or even those of us who are out fighting on the front lines speaking on suicide prevention somehow do not battle depression or thoughts of just giving up. This is real talk.

Too many of us are believing lies and illusions about ourselves and our situations. It’s time for truth and reality! Truth is ... Help is available. People would miss you. You won’t always fee this way. You can make it through this! Asking for help is a sign of strength. We need you here.

Love you all so much!!!! Tom Coverly

Need Help? Call 1-800-273-8255 or contact our friends at

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