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Updated: Mar 12

I am purposely writing this blog today on Halloween. "Why", you ask? Today is a day where kids and adults put on masks, paint their faces, put on costumes, scare people and trick or treat. All fun things. The truth and reality of life is EVERYDAY kids and adults may not be putting on physical masks, but often times they are hiding behind smiles and laughter. They are disguising hurts, anxiety and depression so that others cannot see the real pain they are in. Do you know what truly is scary? The truth that this is a very real problem in our world. That is scary. It's scary because the "masks" people wear often look like happy faces. My favorite comedian of all time, Robin Williams is no longer with us today. It breaks my heart and he is deeply missed He is a perfect example of someone who hid behind making others laugh when deep down inside he was struggling with depression.

I challenge us all to be a little more alert to those we rub shoulders with today. During my school assembly, I challenge students to take 3 seconds to look around every room they enter for someone who needs a kind word, compliment, hug or just a friend to listen. I am challenging all of us to do the same today. Remember, those dealing with anxiety and depression are not always the person who looks sad or unhappy. We must look around closely for the person hiding behind the mask that looks a like a smiling boy or girl, or an adult laughing. You are probably thinking, "how do we know if they are struggling or not if there is a smile on their face?" Great question. Most times, it's really hard to tell. This is why kindness is important.

Go and make someones day today. You never know whose life you may change. Your actions could be the cause of someone to feel free to finally take off the mask and seek the help they need. I need you world changers. The world needs you too. Happy Halloween! Love,

Tom Coverly

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