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MY HEART HURTS SO BAD — If a 4TH grader hanging themselves does not wake up America to this serious problem facing our kids, what will??? 😢 This is why I will not stop speaking in schools! This motivates me even more to realize that the need is huge and sadly its happening to younger and younger kids! Parents ... talk to your kids!!! It is time we put our cell phones down at the dinner table, and talk. Most families do not even eat together anymore. Ask your kids what is going on in their life. Ask about the things they are struggling with. Ask them about the bullies in their life. As a motivational speaker, it use to be years ago you just spoke to high school students about the topic of suicide. Then middle school students began to take their life. Now upper elementary students? My heart aches for this family.

👉🏼 If anyone has any connection to this school, please let the administration know I will waive all assembly fees and speak for FREE and speak for FREE in their school. If anyone needs help, please please please talk to someone. There is suicide prevention help information on our website. Please know this, there IS hope! 🙏

Tom Coverly

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