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Updated: Mar 12

If this question was asked to your student body, what would they say? Honestly, if we were to take a poll across this country, the majority of students would say, "NOPE". Rather than say, "they all will say that" or "nothing can be done about it", have you considered asking your students what can be done about it?

How do you create an atmosphere of KINDNESS? Ask your students! You just may be surprised at the tangible ideas they come up with.

It is possible to create an atmosphere of respect and kindness among the majority of students. As a principal, counselor, teacher we know you have a huge love and passion for students and to see this happen. This is why you do what you do and why you even bothered to take the time to read this blog. Thanks for doing what you do and the difference you are making! Don't quit! Your students need YOU.

Much respect and love,

Tom Coverly

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