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Every 2 hours in America someone between the ages 11-21 ends their life. Suicide has increased 33% in the past two decades.  160,000 kids skip school everyday because they fear being bullied.  Our youth cannot escape the bullies due to social media, apps and text messages.  We must do something. Anxiety and depression are at all time highs among our youth.  We typically have fees for our assemblies (which helps keeps are non profit operating), but because of generous people like yourself, we can continue to go to schools at NO COST when there is a suicide.  For the past several years, we decided we would hop on a plane, drive or whatever it took to get to a school in the midst of a suicide crisis at no cost to the school.  Tom Coverly does not get paid anything extra for these events, he donates his time and the assembly because it is our way to put our wallet where our mouth is in the cause we believe so strongly in.  Sadly, in the past year, we did not have the funds to help out every school that asked us to come.  Time is short, we must do more!  We need your to help us redirect traffic from destruction to life!  Together, we can change the world with a message of hope to combat bullying, suicide & mental health issues among our youth.


GOAL #1 ... is to have 25 NEW monthly supporters committed to giving each month during 2020.  Monthly support helps us plan, budget & know each month that we can always afford to tell a school facing a suicide crisis, "yes, we are coming to your school for FREE."  

GOAL #2 ... is to have 25 one-time gift supporters to help us print our "REAL RESPECT" curriculum.  We have spent this entire last year writing a curriculum for schools that will help them keep our message alive all school year long.  It is one thing to come in for a day to challenge students, but it is another to put tools in their hands that can keep impacting lives all year long.  To help with printing cost, we are looking for 25 people to give a one-time gift of $250 or more.  


GOAL #3 ... is to raise 1 million dollars one dollar at a time by 2021.   Yep, just donate one dollar and challenge someone else to donate a dollar and so on. The ONE DOLLAR CHALLENGE will help us fulfill our biggest dream and that is to collaborate with a corporation (that has a love for people, as much, if not more than the product they sell) and create a Super Bowl commercial that will inspire & impact the lives of those watching TV on the most watched night of the year with the same message of hope.  Imagine reaching tens of millions of people all at once with truth that would change their perspective on life forever.  It's not just our youth who are battling anxiety and suicidal thoughts, our world needs this more than ever.  If people can invest millions of dollars to promote a product, how much more should we be willing to invest into people's LIVES with a positive, life-changing message. Also, our ultimate goal is to eventually make ALL our school assemblies free, not just schools dealing with a suicide crisis.  Yes, free!  In the past decade, Tom Coverly has spoken to over 3.5 million students with his "Destroy Illusions School Assembly".  He is on a mission to reach tens of millions!  Want to be a part of this?  We need you.  * ONE MORE THING ... for each dollar donated, we will print your name (or names of family members, friends, youth group, classroom, co-workers, etc) on a t-shirt we are having printed.  Imagine 1 million names on a shirt that has the words, "WORLD CHANGER" across the front of it.  Donate one dollar for each name you want placed on the "world changer" t-shirt.


















I will never forget a student who came up to me after our assembly telling me that she had already planned to kill herself after school. She had already wrote the suicide letter and was just done with life. The only reason she came to school was to secretly say goodbye to her friends.  She said because of the unbelievable timing of our assembly, it changed her thinking and she realized how much she now wanted to live. That evening her mom came with her daughter to our family night show and the mom had the suicide note in her hand and with tears rolling down her face hugged me thanking me for the words spoken at the assembly. There are numerous stories like this and because of your generosity, there will be many more lives impacted. 





Each financial

gift is tax-deductible through our 501 c3 non profit, Holy Wow Ministries.   

One-time financial gifts are amazing and help in big ways, but would you also consider being a monthly support? Monthly contributions help us budget and to expand our potential.  Thank you so much for being so generous. 


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