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Updated: Mar 12

We all know of someone who has or is dealing with anxiety or depression. Statistically, 50% of adults will develop a mental health issue in their lifetime. The American Psychological Association in 2014 said that stress in American high school students is the highest among any age group and it's higher than ever before. Many people are hiding behind a smile. Are you?

One of my favorite comedians of all time, Robert Williams is no longer with us today due to ending his life. His struggle with depression was hidden very well behind a smile and laughter. Right now, I can think of a handful of close friends of mine (who are leaders and people who make a living pouring into others) that are dealing with anxiety and depression.

Many times throughout my speaking career, I began to believe the lies about my own purpose in this life and thought about committing career suicide (giving up this full time speaking life). I thought, "what difference am I really making?" It seems like me vs. the world sometimes. I often feel alone and isolated. Many people assume because you are on stage speaking to thousands of people that you must have a ton of friends. Truth is, this life is pretty lonely. Having true, loyal friends is hard to come by. It's hard to find people who do not want anything of you and just want to invest in a friendship with no strings attached. Then, I remember TRUTH. Truth is ... I DO have a purpose. TRUTH is ... Lives are being impacted. Truth is ... I do have a beautiful wife who is my best friend and handful of other friends who have proven their loyalty to me and been there in my deepest darkest days.

Right now you may be reading this and feel like you do not relate to it personally. But, I guarantee that if you look closely there ARE people around you everyday who are SMILING ON THE OUTSIDE, and hurting deeply on the inside. They NEED YOU. Others are reading this and you are thinking I am reading your mind. You beyond relate to so much of what I am saying. To you, I want to remind you of truth. TRUTH is ... YOU have a purpose too! This world needs YOU. It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to be raw and real with professionals who can walk you through this stage of your life. Please reach out to our friends at or call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Love you all.


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