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Traveling 9 months out of the year, we have dedicated our life to reach kids across America and around the world with a message of hope. We need you. Our non profit cannot survive without our generous friends, families and people who care to help our youth. Last week was giving Tuesday. Would you consider being a part of helping us change peoples lives. You can donate a one-time gift and/or we are also looking for 25 new monthly donors for 2020 of whatever amount is possible for you. Please do not underestimate the power of $1, $5 or $10 per month. Every little bit, helps us budget out and plan for 2020.

Also, did you know that for the last serval years we have donated our time and flown for free to schools who have had a suicide within that semester. Due to the kindness of financial supporters, this is our way to put our wallet where our mouth is in the cause we believe so strongly about. We typically have a fee for assemblies, but we do not want to charge a school in the midst of a crisis like a suicide. We need your help so we can continue to do this.

Thank you. Tom & Tiffany Coverly

P.S. ---

We strongly believe this life is not ours. Sure, we love our home in Florida, but, we have dedicated our lives to traveling on the road, roughly nine months out of the year. Motels, hotels, long drives, rental cars, homeschooling and one way flights is a big part of our life. Why you ask? Life is short and serving and impacting others lives is far more rewarding. We try to teach this by example to our little 7 year old Anni.

Is it an easy life? Not at all. We miss our family and friends and sacrifice our schedule to taking whatever next event comes our way. It's like having a job that pays strictly commission. We do not know when the next event or paycheck will come often times. Yet, the reward is hearing countless stories of lives that have been changed! People ready to give up on life, who chose life because of the truth spoken at our events. People who were bullied, found friends and worth. Bullies who realized that respect and being kind is a much better way of life. People dealing with addictions, anxiety and depression getting the help they need.

Our mission is to redirect traffic from destruction to life! We want you to join our mission. How? We're praying for 25 individuals/families willing to help support us monthly in 2020. Before you say, "I wish we could, but we do not have the money." Would you consider a buck a month. Yep, $1 per month for the entire year of 2020 is only $12 for the year. You see, much more than the dollar amount, it not only shows your support, but more importantly, that $1 per month is a a monthly reminder for you to think and pray for us. Not to mention, every dollar truly does make a difference! Sure, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 per month helps too for those that can do it. By joining our mission, your monthly support helps us budget & expand our ministry to reach even more people. January will mark 13 years of the existence of Holy Wow Ministries. Over 3 million people have been reached in 46 states and several countries and tens of thousands of people have been changed for eternity. All glory to God!

Please pray for us.

We love you,

The Coverly's

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