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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

President Donald Trump brought suicide to the forefront of national discussion recently stating;

"I'm talking about where people suffer massive depression, where people commit suicide, where tremendous death happens… I mean, definitely would be in far greater numbers than the numbers that we're talking about with regard to the virus." (Monday March 23, 2020)

Sadly, the coronavirus has killed thousands of Americans and lives around the world. Suicide was a problem before Covid-19 and public health experts are estimating suicide numbers to rise . It's a public health problem we must prepared NOW for.

We are already hearing of reported suicides due to the situation our world is facing. A nurse in Italy feared spreading Covid-19 to her patients and took her life. A 19 year old in America just ended her life due to the isolation she felt. Sadly, the stories go on and on by the thousands. Add to the problem of all the financial situations of people losing everything they worked so hard for. All of this leads to more anxiety and more people dealing with depression.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that anxiety and depression affects 15 million adults, or 6.8% of the U.S. population. This was BEFORE Covid-19. 15 Million in the U.S. alone!!! That is a frightening number. We must wake up to this very real problem in our world.

Many schools cancelled classes for the remainder of the school year. Since our tour schedule of assemblies were cancelled, we have been working hard on creating a school assembly and family night event for the fall that will encompass the crisis that we just experienced. We are preparing now on how we can help schools deal with this unprecedented time we are now facing.

More than ever students and their parents are believing the illusions and lies;

- I am all alone.

- My situation will never get better.

- Maybe ending my life will end this nightmare

These are LIES. We are on a mission to combat everyone of these lies/illusions and replace them with truth and reality;

- Others are going through the same thing I am. I am not alone.

- My situation will get better.

- There is a purpose for my life through all of this.

The Destroy Illusions School Assembly Tour is ready to help your school and community. We want to come in during the day with an assembly for students that will inspire and encourage students in a time of their life when they need it most. We will be asking schools to host a family night later that evening where all students, parents and the community are invited to attend. Yes, there will be comedy (laughter is great medicine), magic from myself (The Illusionist, Tom Coverly), but most importantly a motivational talk that will bring unity to communities and families with solutions to help us move on.

Together, we will make it through this. What can you do now?

1. Keep speaking truth to one another to replace the lies.

2. Keep being positive!

3. Please SHARE this post. Someone you know may need to read this.

Love you all.

Tom Coverly


For booking information, please visit

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