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Motivational speaker, Tom Coverly has spoke to schools all over America. From inner city schools to schools in the suburbs and yet, students everywhere love TOM.

15 years ago, Tom Coverly was entertaining celebrities in Hollywood and New York before he became a motivational speaker. His humor is contagious. Tom found a way to kick off assemblies from the moment he walks on stage making students laugh and blowing their minds with magic tricks.

Tom Coverly often hears from principals that you could hear a pin drop when Tom started talking. Tom says, "it is amazing how you use audience participation with comedy and magic and then students are all ears to what you have to say."

Watch the promo videos on our website and see for yourself why students love Tom.

We offer both virtual and in-person school assemblies. We even pre-recorded a 30 minute video of Tom sitting on a stool (gives a virtual personal feel) talking to students as well as entertaining and even teaching a few magic tricks. This video was created to fit within a classroom setting. This pre-recored assembly is a fraction of the cost of a live in-person school assembly.

For rates, info and videos, go to

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